Foot & Leg Lifters

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  • Foot Lifter
    The patented Foot Lifter is ideal for anyone who has difficulties raising or reaching their feet * It�s unique design allows use in a shower around the house or while getting in or out of your automobile * Features a rubber footstrap that conforms to your foot size * Non-slip grips give you firm control * Convenient hanging strap * Made of SC40 pvc. T connector vents water when used in a shower * Approximately 19 x 5 x 1 1/8 Weighs 14 ounces * Manufactured and sold under U.S. Patent D530651 *..
  • Extends your reach 40 to assist in lifting one leg at a time * Reinforced webbing material surrounds a rigid yet flexible metal rod * Place the pre-opened foot loop around your foot and lift your leg via the hand loop * The foot loop can be adjusted manually to fit over a cast or boot *..
  • Leg Wrap Positioning Aid
    Attaches to the user in 3 places to assist in repositioning the leg and transferring to/from a bed chair sofa wheelchair toilet seat etc * Upper and lower handles create a controlled movement and reduce bruising and injury caused by grabbing and dropping the legs * Handles eliminate the need to grab clothing thereby preventing rips and tears * Great for people with hemiplegia paraplegia hemiparesis and paraparesis who have limited or no use of their leg (s) *..
  • Quad Leg Lifter. Regular
    Color: Navy 33 * Our Leg Lifters now feature a pre-formed foot support with a heavy gauge wire insert that can be modified by bending it to the desired shape *..